If you don’t have one, you are under prepared. A disaster could be anything from hardware failure to theft, flooding or fires. We often come across companies who are trying to revert from a disaster, usually when it’s too late. Had we met this company before we would put a few questions to them.

Scenario Case

You have 20 employees in your office using an onsite server that is holding your critical company data, files, emails, payroll, accounts and any business applications you have hosted onsite. Overnight your offices are broken into and all your equipment is stolen.

1. Do You Only Have A Local Backup?

If so, then your entire company data is gone, there is no way back.

2. Do You Have Cloud Backup?

All your hardware has gone but that’s ok, you have your server replicated to the cloud or on hard drives stored outside of the office. Now you need to determine how you get back into a fully working environment. Unless thoroughly planned and tested, this can take a long time.

3. What Next?

If you don’t know what next, or know the exact location of your offsite disaster recovery plan then you are under prepared. A disaster recovery plan doesn’t belong to your IT company or Managed Service Provider, it is your disaster recovery plan and you need to be aware of all outcomes in all situations.

4. What Would The Impact Be On Your Business If Your 20 Staff Were Sat Around Doing Nothing Whilst Your Services Were Being Restored?

With Amico, every IT Support client is provided with a disaster recovery plan so you are aware of what will happen in all situations and are leaving nothing to chance