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Cloud Desktop

A Hosted Desktop gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. Think of it as your desktop computer with all the software and files you normally keep and use with the added bonus of being able to access it from any computer. Not only can you access your personal desktop from any standard desktop computer, you can also access your desktop from any operating system and a full range of modern mobile devices

How Does The Hosted Desktop Work?

Just as normal you can write documents with Microsoft Office, send emails, and do everything that you normally do with your current Windows-based machine. Instead of storing your desktop on a computer in your office, we host it on hugely powerful computers in an offsite data centre. This is often referred to as “the Cloud”.  Don’t worry, it is still a Windows Operating System – so there’s nothing new to learn as nothing changes.

All your data is securely stored in UK-based data centres. 

Added benefits which include: Version control, and restoration of backup files.

Quickly and easily add and remove users.

Pay for what you want, when you want, monthly, there are no long-term contracts.